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Creating a New Audience Recording


Audience Recording is a feature that is available to both Marketing and External Campaigns. This feature allows you to record the exact state of your recipients when your Campaign is sent, which helps to make customer data more reliable and actionable.

The Audience Recording feature is configured in the Admin section, and similar to Campaign Triggers, they are intended to be used across many or all of your campaigns. It is currently only available as a Native Connection with:

  • Snowflake
  • BigQuery
  • Redshift 
Note: an Audience can refer to a Message Audience (SQL, API, or S3) or a Segment Blueprint. A Blueprint is similar to a Message Audience because it starts off with a SQL-based "Population"; however, Blueprints can add additional fields called "Labels" to your resulting data for Audience Recording.


Table of Contents

Set-up New Audience Recording

View Audience Recording List

Applying new Audience Recording to Campaign


Set-up New Audience Recording

1. To set up a new Audience Recording, first, open Accelerator and select the Admin tab.mceclip0.png

2. From there, select Audience Recording



3. From the top-right corner, find and click on the Create button.mceclip2.png


4. Give the new Audience Recording a Name and then select your Database Connection.


Important: Remember that only Native Connections will work as this section


5. Choose your Project/Database



The next steps in this process will involve selecting a Table. For this, you will need to navigate through the database explorer to find the correct schema and table for your project.



Tip: The database explorer will show every table that the specific connection has access to. If you don’t see your desired table, check your user, role, or service account permission settings.


After the Table has loaded, you’ll begin to map your fields as desired. There are essentially two types of fields to map:

  • Recipient attributes/fields from your Audience

Accelerator has Auto-generated fields (from Freemarker) preloaded into the Recipient Attributes selection dropdowns. The Recipient attributes/fields need to be typed in, following the same casing structure from the resulting Audience or Blueprint fields



After completing filling out the Table, go to the upper right corner and select either Marketing or External as a Default setting, depending on your Audience Recording needs.



You can now select Create, from the upper-right corner, and complete the set-up for your new Audience Recording.


View Audience Recording List

After completing the set-up for your Audience Recording, go to the left corner of the screen and select "Back to Audience Recording List" to view the audience recording. It will be a pinned file at the top of the table, so it should be easy to find. 





Applying the new Audience Recording to a Campaign

Now that you have your Audience Recording set up, now you just need to attach it to your Campaign through Accelerator. Use the following steps to walkthrough this process:

1. Begin with opening Accelerator and going to your Message Tab.

2. From there, click Delivery and select Marketing from the dropdown tab.


3. Choose the Campaign you are attaching the Audience Recording to.



4. From the Settings box, select Advanced Options 



5. From here you should have an Audience Recording dropdown with the selection that you have previously created included. Select that Recording to apply it to your Campaign.




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