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Cross Channel Recipients

The Recipient

<SmsSendTime>2019-06-20 16:00:00-04:00</SmsSendTime>
<SmsExpireTime>2019-06-20 17:00:00-04:00</SmsExpireTime>  


MessageGears’ recipient XML has several important reserved fields that are available to the user:

  • EmailAddress: The intended email address for the recipient
  • SmsAddress: The intended SMS address for the recipient. MessageGears accepts the E.164 formatted numbers +{country code}{subscriber number} (e.g. +447911123456)
  • PushAddress: The intended Push token for the recipient.
  • PushService: The App Service for the push recipient. Valid values are FCM, APNS, or APNS_SANDBOX. A recipient must have a valid push service in order for push messages to be successfully delivered
  • RecipientId: When present, the RecipientId field will be passed back to you in detailed activity data (clicks, opens, bounces, etc.). This is helpful if you have your own unique identifier for users. This provides the ability to store activity data using the Recipient ID instead of PII when taking the data for downstream processing
  • ChannelSendTime: You may optionally include a SendTime for each recipient and channel, which will dictate at which time the recipient will be injecting into the delivery process. This may be done via offset from start time of job or UTC send time. If providing an offset, it must be formatted like so “+03:00”. 6 characters long. The plus sign is required, as is the colon, and a leading zero if less than 12 hours. If providing a timestamp, it must be formatted like “2019-06-20 16:00:00-04:00” (the offset is required and it must include a colon and two digits for the hour and two digits for the minute. The space is required between the date and the time)
  • ChannelExpireTime: The latest time a message may be delivered for a recipient channel. The same format restrictions apply to ExpireTime as do SendTime.
  • IpSelector: The MessageGears IP Selector from which to send this recipient. Talk to a member of support for details.



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