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MessageGears + Snowflake Cortex Overview


MessageGears has integrated with Snowflake Cortex to create the world's only generative AI solution for enterprise marketers powered by direct data access.

Marketers using data warehouses powered by snowflake can now tap into dozens of AI capabilities directly within the Messagegears UI. Keep reading for an introduction to Snowflake Cortex and a deep dive on what you can do with our new integration.

Benefits of the MessageGears + Snowflake Solution

By leveraging Snowflake Cortex, enterprises can:

  • Significantly increase the rate of messaging copy and content testing and experimentation
  • Optimize data cloud investments by directly utilizing customer personalization data within the warehouse
  • Achieve better personalization and ROI across customer engagement channels

What is Snowflake Cortex AI?

Snowflake Cortex is a complete set of functions within Snowflake that gives you instant access to industry-leading large language models for use in all MessageGears applications.

Since these LLMs are fully hosted and managed by Snowflake, using them requires no additional setup within MessageGears. Your data stays within your data environment, giving you the performance, scalability, and governance you expect.

Cortex LLM Functions can be grouped into the following categories:

Text Completion Functions

General purpose function that can perform a wide range of user-specified tasks, such as aspect-based sentiment classification, synthetic data generation, and customized summaries. You can also use this function with your fine-tuned models.

Summary functions

Purpose-built and managed functions that automate routine-tasks, like simple summaries that don’t require any customization.

Helper functions

Purpose-built and managed translation system for marketers to create content in a variety of languages.

To begin experimenting and learning more about Corex capabilities within Snowflake, see the Snowflake Documentation

MessageGears + Snowflake Cortex Use Cases

Snowflake Cortex brings a host of advanced AI features into the MessageGears platform:

    • Generative Campaign Creation: Use the power of Cortex to assign offers and generate campaign creative for global campaigns
    • Campaign Translation: Iterate and translate versions of creative for different locale-based campaign variants
    • Sentiment analysis: Quickly understand customer sentiments from feedback
    • Data summarization: Generate concise summaries from large datasets
    • Personalized responses: Craft unique responses for individual customer interactions

By leveraging Snowflake Cortex, enterprises can significantly increase testing and experimentation, optimize their data cloud investments, enhance team efficiency, and achieve better personalization and ROI across all customer engagement channels.

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