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Accelerator 24.2.2 Release Notes

Update to Athena support

As of 24.2.2, Accelerator now supports Athena v3 and will not require the manual installation of .jar files, as these are now inherently contained within Accelerator's build files.

Initiatives Released

Left Hand Navigation Improvements and Asset Renaming

Use Case

The current navigation in Accelerator is product-based. Messagegears offers 3 products - Segment, Message, and Engage, and the navigation was based around these product offerings.

This navigation is not conducive to the reality of how we navigate throughout the app, it does not align with industry standards, and it limits the view of how our products are meant to seamlessly work together.


  • Restructure left-hand navigation to be more intuitive
  • Update asset names to better delineate the purpose of that feature


Updated Navigation

The navigation is updated with the improved structure and names. Note that old URLs will redirect to the new URLs.

The below illustration details exactly how names have been updated in the UI and how the navigation has been restructured.

nav-visual (1).png

Push Parameters in Accelerator

Use Case

Users want to control the delivery and display settings of push notifications to ensure they align with the campaign’s importance and urgency.

  • Determine whether the push notification should prioritize delivery time or the device’s battery life

  • Define the extent to which push notifications should interrupt the user

  • Rank notifications to ensure the most relevant ones are displayed prominently in the device’s notification center

  • Define the visibility of the notification to ensure that sensitive information cannot be viewed while the phone is locked


  • Make push delivery, interruption, and visibility settings available to push campaigns executed via Mobile SDK.


Push Settings section

Swrve app push templates have a new Settings section, where users can modify the delivery and priority settings, including:

  • Android & iOS delivery priority

  • iOS interruption & relevance score

  • The Collapse Key and Time to Live fields have been moved from the Content to push Settings

push settings 1.png


Android visibility setting

The Android, Amazon, and Huawei options section contains a Visibility and Lock screen message fields.

The Visibility value determines whether and what message is shown on the device’s lock screen.

The Lock screen message allows the user to show an alternative message on the lock screen, when Visibility is set to Private.

The Android device preview now has a new preview option, where the user can see how the message appears on the lock screen when sensitive content is prohibited.

push settings 2.png


Push Engagement Metrics

Use Case

Users want to understand the performance of their push campaigns in order to review and improve the ROI on their campaigns

  • Review push delivery metrics to ensure that audience data is accurate

  • Review push click metrics to track engagement and iterate on content or delivery timing to attract more end user attention

  • Review bounces to track audience health


  • Add remaining metrics to job reports to show what factors contribute to deliverability

  • Add push engagement metrics to enhance push reports

  • Provide unique delivery and bounce counts to more accurately reflect how many recipients the job reached


Job analytics list page

The push notification channel list page now contains a "Direct Opens" column, showing the number of times users engaged with push notifications sent through the job.

push settings 3.png

The Cross channel table Clicks column has been renamed to Engagement, with a tooltip explaining how the metric is calculated.

push settings 4.png


Job analytics page (Push view)

We’ve added an engagement tab to the push notification table, showing Direct Opens metrics, to indicate how many users and have engaged with the job’s push notification.

The Deliverability table and Performance chart have been to reflect content errors, suppressions, unique deliveries, and unique bounces.

push settings 5.png


Job analytics page (Cross channel view)

We’ve added Job Size (recipient count), Content Errors, and Engagement (Email Clicks + Push Direct Opens) to the Job Results table.

The Engagement tab, which previously contained Email specific metrics, has been removed from the cross channel Job Results table.

push settings 6.png


General Changes

  • Added the ability to select campaign links directly from the Notifications table on the Dashboard for easier navigation
  • Added the ability to resize SQL editor fields
  • Template overview page now shows associated Transactional campaigns under the Associated campaigns section
  • Added asset names in the modal during deletion confirmation
  • Removed max thread limits in Accelerator
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