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For bulk jobs, you must pass in the recipient data as a URL pointing to a file which MessageGears retrieve. Currently, the supported protocols are http, https, and Amazon S3. The file may be of any name and may also be plain text or compressed. Passing a file in this way allows for a virtually unlimited number of recipients. We recommend that the file be encoded using the UTF8 (or a compatible subset) character encoding.

Supported File Formats
  • Uncompressed – If the file is not compressed, it must have a ".xml" extension
  • Zip – If the file is compressed using ZIP, it must have a ".zip" file extension. The "zipped" file must contain only 1 file and it should not contain any path information (it should unzip into the same directory in which the unzip command is executed)
  • GZip – If using Gzip, the file must have a ".gz" extension
Compressing the file will reduce the your bandwidth requirements by as much as 95% or more and allows the job to be processed much more quickly.
Example URLs
  • s3://mycompany-bucket/
File Contents

The contents of the file be a well-formed XML document. The RecipientList element must be the root element, and must contain only Recipient elements as children. Each Recipient element must contain an EmailAddress element and may contain a RecipientId element which has special meaning to the system. An example of the recipient XML is show below.

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