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Character Sets

UTF-8 is the default value, and is recommend for almost all situations. However, the character sets below are available as needed.
Character Set Description
Big5 Traditional Chinese
Big5-HKSCS Big5 with Hong Kong extensions, Traditional Chinese (incorporating 2001 revision)
EUC-JP JISX 0201, 0208 and 0212, EUC encoding Japanese
EUC-KR KS C 5601, EUC encoding, Korean
GB18030 Simplified Chinese, PRC standard
GB2312 EUC encoding, Simplified Chinese
GBK Simplified Chinese
ISO-2022-CN GB2312 and CNS11643 in ISO 2022 CN form, Simplified and Traditional Chinese (conversion to Unicode only)
ISO-2022-JP JIS X 0201, 0208, in ISO 2022 form, Japanese
ISO-2022-KR ISO 2022 KR, Korean
ISO-8859-1 Latin alphabet No. 1, “Western European”
ISO-8859-2 Latin Alphabet No. 2, “Eastern European”
ISO-8859-2 Latin Alphabet No. 3, “South European”
ISO-8859-3 Latin Alphabet No. 4, “North European”
ISO-8859-4 Latin/Cyrillic Alphabet
ISO-8859-5 Latin/Arabic Alphabet
ISO-8859-6 Latin/Greek Alphabet
ISO-8859-7 Latin/Hebrew Alphabet
ISO-8859-8 Latin Alphabet No. 5, “Turkish”
ISO-8859-9 Latin Alphabet No. 7, “Baltic Rim”
ISO-8859-13 Latin Alphabet No. 9, “Western European with Euro Sign”
ISO-8859-15 Latin Alphabet No. 9, “Western European with Euro Sign”
KOI8-R Russian
Shift_JIS Japanese
TIS-620 Thai
US-ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
UTF-8 Eight-bit UCS Transformation Format
UTF-16 Sixteen-bit UCS Transformation Format
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