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Referencing Remote Files

Example URL Protocol

Accessing files in this manner requires you to make the files accessible over the Internet via a web server. Use this method only when the files/content are not of a secure nature.

Example URL Protocol
http/https with Basic Authentication

Using Basic Authentication, you can make your files accessible over the Internet only to those who know the correct username and password. The credentials are passed in as part of the URL. It is recommended that only the HTTPS protocol be used with this method so the credentials are protected during the request transmission.

Example URL Protocol
Amazon S3

For those that have an Amazon S3 account, you can specify the location of the file by passing in the name of the bucket followed by the file name (or key) of the file. The file is stored in your S3 account and privacy is strictly under your control.

The MessageGears Amazon S3 canonical user id for our US account is: 2dd8e53f1a8e4dfe3a6893d1229635b4915661d95f5283df75215779ce462819

You will need to make sure to grant "read" access to the MessageGears Amazon account so we will be able to retrieve the file.
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