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Adding and Managing Users

Adding New Users to Accelerator

Click the Add User button in the top right to set up new users.

Enter the user's email address, first name, and last name.

You'll then apply the appropriate Roles to the new user and add this user to available Groups.

The role of... Allows the user to...
Template Library Author create and manage email templates
Shared Content Library Author manage content assets used across multiple campaigns
Quick Launch User launch campaigns from the content section
Campaign Admin schedule or launch campaigns
Data Admin access recipient lists and administer Audience sections, i.e. database connections
System Admin manage users, groups, accounts, and sending profiles
Cloud Access track and manage bulk and transactional jobs in the cloud using MessageGears Portal


Groups: In the Available column, highlight the group name to associate with the new user. Then, click the right-pointing arrow to move the group to user's Assigned column.

Click Save.

Accelerator sends a user activation message to the email address listed in the user profile. The user clicks the link in the activation message to complete their initial login to Accelerator and set their password.

Failure to respond to the activation message within 24 hours results in the user being locked out of Accelerator.

Managing Users

From the Users list, click a user's name to view their profile or edit their user settings, roles, and groups.

Using the search box, you can search for users by name or email address.

Locked accounts are only visible and searchable when the "Show Locked" box is checked.

To unlock a locked account, click that account's name, Edit Account, uncheck the Locked box on the Update user page, and Save.
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