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Adding a URL Data Source

URL Data Sources allow you to serve recipient or context data using a URL rather than a query to a database. The URL can be anything from a static file to a web-service application that dynamically returns data based on URL parameters. Acceptable data types include XML and CSV. Zip and gzip compression are also supported. Ultimately as long as Accelerator can access the endpoint, you can leverage the URL as a data source.

As a reminder, Recipient data type sources will show a list of email addresses and other recipient-level fields for use as Recipient data in Marketing Campaigns, while Context data type sources will retrieve unstructured data that may be used during the template merge process.

Adding a URL Data Source

Remember that you must enter a Name and URL for each data source. All additional fields are optional.

  1. Enter a unique and meaningful Name for the new data source.
  2. Enter the URL associated with the data source.
  3. (optional) Enter the Username and Password if the URL requires credentials to access.
  4. (optional) Click the Add Criteria button to indicate criteria names, labels, values, and help text that you want to associate with this source.
    • Name is the Freemarker substitution name of your criteria.
    • Label is the natural name you want to reference.
    • Default Value is the content that populates for a personalized field if custom data is unavailable.
    • Help Text is an extended description of your label.
  5. Click Save.
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