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Email Delivery Rate Throttling

MessageGears allows you to control the rate a which your email is sent.  This can be a general setting across all email domains, or can be domain specific (,, etc). Throttle limits are account-specific and apply to all traffic sent through the specified account.  Since each customer may have multiple accounts, you can decide which of your email jobs go out through a throttled account.

  • Throttled accounts are typically used when large jobs are regularly sent that might overwhelm a landing page or website that is referenced in the email call to action.
  • It can also be a useful way to warm up new IP addresses by spreading email delivery over a longer period of time.

To enable throttling for your account, please open a support ticket and specify the following:

  • Desired limit (messages per hour) you would like to apply
  • Whether to apply the limit to an existing or new account
    • Note: Applying the limit to an existing account will affect all campaigns sending from that account. If you want the limit to only apply to specific campaigns, using a new account for sending just those campaigns with a throttle is recommended

Once the throttle has been applied to the specified account, you can select that throttled account from the dropdown Account menu in the Settings page of the desired campaign(s). 


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