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Onboarding Quick Start Guide

New to MessageGears?

This article is intended to help you start gathering information you'll need to collect to ensure a smooth onboarding! This article focuses mostly around the business items you'll need for conversations around provisioning your account, setting up deliverability items, and getting started on program migration. Looking for something a little more technical? Check out Technical Quick Start Guide.


What will you need?

This guide focuses on a few core sections to allow you to start planning what you'll need to provide to your Customer Success Manager ("CSM") and Implementation Manager as you go through the onboarding process. Don't worry, your CSM and Implementation Manager will follow up with questionnaires and information requests, but this will help you start planning for those conversations!


Current State

  • Who is your current provider?
  • What Database/Data Warehouse will Accelerator be accessing?
  • Will you or MessageGears be hosting Accelerator?
  • What channels (Email, SMS, Push) will you be executing through our platform?
  • What types of programs are you currently executing?
    • Ad hoc Marketing
    • Recurring Automations 
      • Abandoned Cart
      • Welcome Series
      • Journey-type programs
      • Other automated programs
    • Transactional & Triggered Messaging
    • Win-back Campaigns
  • What partners should we consider for integrations and orchestrations?
    • Movable Ink
    • Validity
    • LiveRamp
    • Other Channel Partners
  • Are there any features from your current ESP that are driving needed datapoints?

Email Deliverability Needs

  • What are your typical daily, weekly, and monthly volumes for Email?
  • What are the peak throughput rates and campaign sizes you would like to support?
  • Are there any seasonal peaks we should plan for?
  • How many IPs are you currently using for email programs?
    • Are they split across brands, programs, or message types?
  • Do you deliver internationally?
    • If so, what regions/countries are prevalent? 
  • Do you currently store your own record of engagement data?
    • Opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes are extremely valuable. Plan to export them from your current provider if you're not already storing them!

User Provisioning

  • Which users should be introduced during the initial implementation?
  • Which users should be Administrators of the MessageGears platform?
  • Will you be supporting multiple brands and/or business units?
    • Do they need different permissions or to have their assets separated?
    • Do you need to ensure customer data is maintained separately across these different units?
  • What roles for users would you like to see?
    • Examples: Data admins, Content Authors, Campaign Managers, Read-only Reporting users, etc.
  • Will you be leveraging an existing SSO provider?

Migration Expectations

  • What is your migration deadline?
  • What feature parity are you expecting?
  • Are your email assets easily accessible?
  • Do you work with an agency for Email Program Execution, or do you manage that in-house?
  • Resources needed to facilitate a smooth and expeditious onboarding:
    • IT/Networking to make DNS entries and updates
    • Database to add schemas, tables, and columns as needed.
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